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Sleek & Beautiful

Share the Sports Content

Movi Sports Community offers sports enthusiasts the access of the thousands of public workouts, every day. Discover new sport content, new places, new activities, learn from the pros and connect with friends to cheer each other on.

Sleek & Beautiful

Analyze the Sports Performance

Movi Sports provides the real-time and post-game performance analysis mobile app with integrated Cloud analysis platform that helps you to see and understand the bigger picture of team and individual performances

Sleek & Beautiful

Modelize the Human

Movi Sports develops the new sensing and motion modelling technologies that helps clients easily customize the sport analysis procedure and achieve the high-level use of AI power in the multiple motion modelling process.


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Sleek & Beautiful



Sleek & Beautiful

墨威智能 “健身”

墨威智能 “健身” 帮你塑造优美的身材,释放生活工作的压力,健身性感,增加活力,建立自信应对挑战,让你的生活更加充实

Sleek & Beautiful

墨威智能 “高山滑雪”

墨威智能 “高山滑雪”不仅帮你锻练身体,增益心灵健康,又可伴你穿跃于茂密的林木、湖光山色和茫茫雪野,享受运动时心旷神怡

Sleek & Beautiful

墨威智能 “速度滑冰”

墨威智能 “速度滑冰”不仅帮你提高竞技成绩,又可增进身心健康,促进人体新陈代谢,提高心肺功能,增强防寒能力,培养坚强意志。

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このたび弊社は下記の通り移転することになりました。 ■オフィス移転概要 時期 :2018年11月 住所 :〒1 […]

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2017年12月13日至14日墨威智能的智能冰雪技术团队与哈尔滨海外电气系统工程在黑龙江省冰上训练基地,和中国 […]

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您知道跑姿纠错对您来说多么重要吗? 不同的运动种类(马拉松,中长跑,短跑,跳高,跳远,篮球,足球等等),跑步姿 […]

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