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Share the Sports Content

Movi Sports Community offers sports enthusiasts the access of the thousands of public workouts, every day. Discover new sport content, new places, new activities, learn from the pros and connect with friends to cheer each other on.

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Analyze the Sports Performance

Movi Sports provides the real-time and post-game performance analysis mobile app with integrated Cloud analysis platform that helps you to see and understand the bigger picture of team and individual performances

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Modelize the Human

Movi Sports develops the new sensing and motion modelling technologies that helps clients easily customize the sport analysis procedure and achieve the high-level use of AI power in the multiple motion modelling process.


Featured project

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Running Posture Correction

Help you correct the wrong running posture, avoid physical damage, make your running posture beautiful and your life healthy.

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Smart Fitness

Help you build a beautiful body, relieve the stress of life and work, fitness sexy, increase vitality, build self-confidence to meet challenges, and make your life more fulfilling

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AI Skiing Coaching

Help you not only to forge your body, gain mental health, but also can accompany you through the dense trees, lake light mountains and vast snow fields, enjoy the sports.

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AI Skating Coaching

Help you not only improve your athletic performance, but also can improve physical and mental health, promote human metabolism, improve heart and lung function, enhance cold-proofing ability, cultivate strong will.