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About us

About Movispo Research Lab.

Movispo Research Lab. focuses on the research & development of technologies which are designed for athletes, by athletes, coaches and sport technological experts. Movi technologies combines multi-sport high-speed sensor and a sport coaching platform to provide real-time analytics for running, skiing, skating, golf, tennis, baseball. We have built lots of sport coaching models and AI analysis algorithms to help athletes target at specific sport or activity, improve the quality of self training and play performance.
We believe that the future of sport is driven by sport skill and IT technologies which offers useful user experiences with reliable sport data. We have a lot of work to do and we are happy to welcome more people to join us.

Atsushi Ozaki, CEO

Waseda University, Ph.D in Sports Science.
AT. Ozaki started Movi Inc. with other founders after he finished the research course in Waseda. He now works as CEO of Movi and also is in charge of the research in Waseda. From 2012, AT. Ozaki has been a professional alphine athlete of Japan Roller Sports Federation and has got lot of good achievements in the past 6 years of international sport matches.

Naoya Matsuda, Director
Waseda University, Ph.D in Computer Science.
He now is in charge of the development of sensing technology, sports wears and shoes used in the wearable products.

Shuhei Kato, Director
He is a specialist in the data management field and is taking the role of sport data management and server technology.

Katsu Tanaka, Chief of Medical Research
Tokyo University, Ph.D of Medicine

Yuji Mori, Chief of System Research
Tokyo University, Ph.D. in Engineering.

Yumi Umetsu, Researcher
Waseda University, Master of Engineering.

Shin Yoshida, Researcher
Hitotsubashi University Business School, Master of Business Administration.

Toshi Yamada, Researcher
Nagoya University, Ph.D of Medicine.

Office:2-41-17 Yayaoicho, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan 164-0013
Phone:+81 50 5326 0347